Referral Form

1. To be eligible, register for any of the GAMSAT Tutorials.

2. Tell a friend about the GAMSAT Tutorials and submit your friend's full name using the referral form below to establish that you are the referrer.

  • In the event of a dispute as to who referred whom, the person who registered first shall be considered the referrer. 

  • Should two or more people claim to be the referrer of a mutual friend, the person who submitted the referral form below first shall be considered the referrer.

3. If your friend subsequently registers for any of the GAMSAT Tutorials, you will receive a $100 rebate after both of you have attended the first day of your respective tutorials.

4. Your rebate will be processed automatically via PayPal.

5. You may continue to refer friends and receive rebates up to the value of your registration fee, so it is possible to attend the GAMSAT Tutorials for free!

Register for any of the GAMSAT Tutorials and receive a $100 rebate for every friend that you refer!

Details are as follows:


100 in Science, 100th Percentile Overall

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