Step 3 is about working on time management.

Once you are able to answer GAMSAT-style questions correctly, you should aim to improve on your efficiency. Simply getting the questions right is not enough, especially if the amount of time spent per question is unrealistically long.

Each GAMSAT question is designed to be comprehended and answered in less than two minutes. Candidates generally work hard towards this goal, but often find to their disappointment that further study or practice using the same approach does not add much value.

What you really need at this stage are more efficient ways of tackling GAMSAT questions and insight into the reasoning process involved in problem solving, not to mention the right person who has the expertise and experience to provide you with such exclusive information.

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Step 1 is about creating a knowledge base for making sense of GAMSAT questions.

The aim of this step is to gain a firm grasp of the essential concepts for the science section. The difficulty, however, lies in figuring out what is essential and what is not. It is at this stage that candidates feel lost and overwhelmed. What they need is a sense of direction and a reliable structure to follow in their studies.

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Step 2 is about applying the acquired knowledge to realistic GAMSAT-style questions.

The aim of this step is to assess how well you have assimilated the essential concepts and to obtain feedback on the effectiveness of your GAMSAT preparation.

In order to learn what GAMSAT is truly about, there is nothing more important than working through the official ACER GAMSAT booklets and understanding the logic behind the answers, not only because certain question types have a tendency to recur, but also because they are invaluable for gaining insight into the test-makers' mindset as well as for learning common pitfalls to avoid on the test.

Candidates commonly make the mistake of leaving the official practice material to the last minute, only to realise at that late stage that their preparation is inadequate for answering true GAMSAT questions. Make sure you are not one of them!

When you tackle the ACER GAMSAT booklets, you may be baffled by some questions, even after looking at the answers.

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Strategic preparation for the science section can be broken down into 3 simple steps: